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Capacitance meter    digital 3 1/2 digit    Model   dot 741

Digital Capacitance meter dot 741 is 3 1/2 digit a compact portable precision instrument.
Features  Over load protection, automatic polarity, wide range
Display   3 1/2 digits LCD 1999 counts
Range Ranges Accuracy
Capacitance 200 p, 2000p, 20n, 200n, 2u, 20u, 200 uF
2000 u F
20 m F
+/- 0.05% +1 digit
+/- 2.0 % +1 digit
+/- 4.0 % +1 digit
Low battery yes
Aux power  9V Bettery
Battery life 200 Hrs approx.
Over range indication Display indicates 1
Measurement / Weight 151L X 70W X 38H in mm., 200 gms. Approx.
Extra Supplied with test leads, and operating manual

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