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High Voltage Breakdown Tester    Model dot 450
High voltage tester is useful for testing insulation breakdown capacity of an insulation material.
Voltage Range 0 to 5 KV AC
Current Range 25,50,100 m Amps
Meter Analog moving coil type for voltage and current
Accuracy + / - 5 %
Indication Lamps for HT ON, OFF, Insulation breakdown
Audio Buzzer Buzzer turns on when HT is on
HT Termination By HT probe
Power Requirement 230 +/-10% VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
Cabinet Size 19(W) X 133 (H) X 300 mm (D)
Weight 20.0 Kgs. Approx.
Extra Supplied with HT probes, mains cord, spare fuse, operating manual


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